CCR Links: The value of creeds, fighting abuse, and making disciples

A Few Creeds Plus the Bible - You may have wondered why we at CCR confess the Apostles' Creed together regularly. This article gives some insight.

"When we read creeds and confessions, it teaches our congregation that we join with all faithful believers across time and throughout the world today in confessing our faith to the glory of God. As the content of doctrine is repeated and taken in as what is true, the church is unified in its worship."

How Churches Can Help Fight Abuse - "While churches will vary greatly in the ways they can address this difficult issue, all churches should seek to be proactive in the fight against abuse in all its forms, remembering the Lord’s heart for the oppressed (Judg 2:18)."

The Making of a Disciple (Podcast) - What does it mean to be spiritually fit? How does discipleship connect with doctrine and the scriptures? Where does discipleship happen? Give a listen to this podcast and check out the book: Hearers and Doers by Kevin Vanhoozer


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