Sermon Discussion Questions: January 5, 2014

Loving God’s Glory:
In what ways do you view God’s word differently now than you did before the sermon?
Which of the four attributes inspired you the most, and why?
How can you use God’s word to help you grow in looking more like Christ this year?

Loving God’s People:
How can desiring, studying, and memorizing God’s word assist you in loving your brothers and sisters in Christ?
What specific actions can you take this year to learn more of God’s word?

Loving God’s World:
As you increase in your desire for God’s word and grow in looking more like Christ, how will that be shown to the unbelievers around you?
Is there one particular person in your life that you would really like them to see how you are growing in looking more like Christ? Stop and pray that God would:
- Ignite a desire in you for his word.
- Cause you to grow in looking more like Christ.
- Show that person your change so that they would see Christ more clearly.

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