Sermon Discussion Questions: May 24, 2015

Sermon Text: Genesis 13:1-18

Loving God's Glory:

  • What do God's dealings with Abram in Genesis 13 reveal to us about the character of God, especially in light of chapter 12?
  • How do Abram and Lot point to Christ and his work for us on the cross?

Loving God's People:

  • What implications does Abram's behavior towards Lot have for our church?
  • What are some practical ways we can help one another see beyond the visible/temporal things of this world to the invisible/eternal things of God?

Loving God's World:

  • How can laying down our own rights for the sake of others be an aspect of evangelism?
  • How can we help those who aren't Christians understand the danger of living by sight rather than by faith in God?

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