Why I Love My Small Church

We lost our closet. That doesn’t sound very daunting, but when you are in a small church it really can be. That closet is where we keep all of our equipment to set up for worship every week. Without the closet what do we do? We don’t own a space, much less a building. What do we do with the stuff we use to set up for worship? What will this do to the faithful teams that alternate setting up every week?

Christ Church Rolesville was challenged recently with the loss of our closet. To see everyone rally and work together for a solution, and to be a part of that, was truly a blessing. It may seem like such a small thing to some, but it isn’t. It’s big. When you are part of a large congregation, you might miss out on things like this. Losing a closet may not even register on the radar. When a “small” issue like this comes up you can just write a check and the congregation, the body of Christ, may not even know about it. That isn’t necessarily a good thing. It may mean you miss out on what we just experienced: God’s provision, working through his people, in unity.

Here’s what happened. The elders brought the issue to the church, asking for help and suggestions. We only had a few weeks to come up with a solution and implement it. Otherwise, our gathering and worship service would begin to look very different. We settled on purchasing a trailer to store everything in and parking the trailer at a storage facility a few miles away. Members of the body of Christ sprang into action. Someone used their unique gifts of organization and packaging to equip the trailer to be a perfect home to all of our equipment. Others equipped their vehicles with hitches and volunteered to transport the trailer to and from site. Almost everyone pitched in to help with setup and tear down, realizing it now required significantly more work than before. The end result was the body of Christ pulling together in unity to overcome what seemed at the time to be a huge hurdle. As a member of the setup team before and after the loss of the closet, I can say definitively that setup has become easier, not harder. The crisis was averted. We worked together as a team by the grace of God to make it happen. In the process we have grown closer together… and closer to our Lord who provides. At the end of the day, isn’t this what it is really about?

I love my small church.

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