Worship Preparation: June 5, 2022

Sunday, June 5, 2022
Read the sermon text: Hebrews 10:24-25
Read the sermon summary: What patterns or routines do you have at work? In your family? What about among your brothers and sisters in Christ? Would you say that you have a rhythm of communion with the saints? Having considered the rhythm of solitude in the life of Jesus, this week we will consider another vital rhythm we can pursue together this summer: the rhythm of communion with one another. We will consider what it means to stir each other up toward love and good deeds and why we should commit to meeting with one another all the more as “the Day” draws near. In preparation for the sermon consider the following questions: How does the context of these two verses help us understand the intention of the author? What kind of meeting together do you think the author has in mind? How might you intentionally develop a rhythm of communion with the saints this summer?
Read the following song lyrics in relation to the sermon:
Worthy Of Your Name
Rumors of the Son of Man
Stories of a Savior
Holiness with human hands
Treasure for the traitor
No ear has heard no eye has seen
The image of the Father
Until heaven came to live with me
A rescue like no other
You are worthy
You are worthy of Your name
You are worthy yes You are
You are worthy of Your name Jesus
You did not speak You made no sound
You died for Your accusers
And as Your blood fell to the ground
You redefined my future
Yeah on the day that You arose
The darkness ran for cover
For the King of kings has claimed His throne
Now until forever
You're my author my maker my ransom my Savior
My refuge my hiding place
You're my helper my healer my blessed Redeemer
My answer my saving grace
You're my hope in the shadows
My strength in the battle
My anchor for all my days
And You stand by my side and You stood in my place
Jesus no other name
Only Jesus no other name
CCLI Song # 7052927
Brenton Brown | Brett Younker | Sean Curran

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Preaching: Jim Upchurch
Leading Music: Nick Nail

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