Worship Preparation: June 7, 2020

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Read the sermon text: Galatians 3:10-18

Read the sermon summary: A black cat crosses your path. You break a mirror or accidentally walk under a ladder. Its Friday the 13th. These are supposed signs of bad luck… of being under a curse. While these and other superstitions are make-believe, being under the curse of God is a reality. This passage teaches us that all people are under a curse because they do not keep the law. As terrifying as this truth is, the good news is that Jesus became a curse for us, so that we might receive God’s blessing and Spirit. Paul continues to show that we receive the blessings of God by faith and not by works of the law. In fact, as Paul argues, the covenant of promise to Abraham precedes the covenant of works given to Moses. God made a promise to Abraham—a promise which affects each one of us—and here’s the good news: God always keeps his promises.
Read the following song lyrics in relation to the sermon:
This We Know
You are who You say You are
You'll do what You say You'll do
You'll be who You've always been to us
Our hope is in You alone
Our strength in Your mighty name
Our peace in the darkest day remains
This we know
We will see the enemy run
This we know
We will see the victory come
We hold on to every promise You ever made
Jesus You are unfailing
Our guide through the wilderness
Our joy in the heaviness
Our way when it seems there is no way
We trust You
We trust You
Your ways are higher than our own
CCLI Song # 7060709
Jason Ingram | Kristian Stanfill
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Preaching: Jim Upchurch
Leading Music: Paige Bragdon

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