Worship Preparation: June 9, 2019

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Read the sermon text: John 11:28-44

Read the sermon summary: We are daily reminded of the reality of death. Strangers die.  Acquaintances die. Loved ones die. We feel decay and pain in our own bodies. Death seems to have the victory in this present age. In verse 37 of our passage, the words of some imply that Jesus could have done something while Lazarus was sick, but still living. But after he died, there was nothing to be done. However, Jesus will not let death have the last word. Because he is the resurrection and the life, he renders death powerless as he calls out, “Lazarus, come forth!” And so it is with all who are united to Christ by faith. By the grace which is in Christ, through faith, we have conquered death and it no longer has dominion over us. How ought we to live in light of this good news that Jesus has triumphed over death? In preparation for the sermon, consider the following questions: In verses 28-37, the word weep occurs several times. What conclusions can we draw from the fact that “Jesus wept”? What comes first, seeing the glory of God or believing (v. 40)? Why do you think Jesus prays publicly (and John records it) in verses 41-42? What do you think is the connection between the physical resurrection of Lazarus and the spiritual resurrection of those who come to Jesus in faith?
Read the following song lyrics in relation to the sermon:
Death Was Arrested
Alone in my sorrow and dead in my sin
Lost without hope with no place to begin
Your love made a way to let mercy come in
When death was arrested and my life began
Ash was redeemed only beauty remains
My orphan heart was given a name
My mourning grew quiet my feet rose to dance
When death was arrested and my life began
Oh Your grace so free washes over me
You have made me new now life begins with You
It's Your endless love pouring down on us
You have made us new now life begins with You
Released from my chains I'm a pris'ner no more
My shame was a ransom He faithfully bore
He cancelled my debt and He called me His friend
When death was arrested and my life began
Our Savior displayed on a criminal's cross
Darkness rejoiced as though Heaven had lost
But then Jesus arose with our freedom in hand
That's when death was arrested and my life began
Oh we're free free forever we're free
Come join the song of all the redeemed
Yes we're free free forever amen
When death was arrested and my life began

CCLI Song # 7046448
Adam Kersh | Brandon Coker | Heath Balltzglier | Paul Taylor Smith
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Preaching: Jim Upchurch
Music Leader: Landon Pauley

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