Worship Preparation: October 3, 2021

Sunday, October 3, 2021
Read the sermon text: Acts 13:1-12
Read the sermon summary: In Acts 11, we saw the result of the preaching of the gospel to Gentiles in Antioch. The church grew. Gentiles were included in the church and they even began participating in the partnership of the gospel by sending relief to their brothers and sisters in Judea in preparation for the famine. In this passage, we see another way the church in Antioch began to participate in the fellowship of the gospel… they became a sending church. For the next few chapters, Luke focuses attention on the missionary endeavors of Barnabas and Paul. In one of their initial encounters, they meet Sergius Paulus, one who “sought to hear the word of God” and saw a miracle of judgment, leading him to trust in Christ. In preparation for the sermon consider the following questions: What contrasts do you see between Sergius Paulus and Elymas concerning the idea of seeing? What do Paul’s responses to each man teach us about the types of people we will encounter as we bear witness to Christ? How might this help us consider our strategy in loving others and sharing the good news with others?
Read the following song lyrics in relation to the sermon:

Come Thou Fount (Above All Else)
Come Thou fount of every blessing
Tune my heart to sing Thy grace
Streams of mercy never ceasing
Call for songs of loudest praise
Teach me some melodious sonnet
Sung by flaming tongues above
Praise the mount I'm fixed upon it
Mount of Thy redeeming love
Here I raise my Ebenezer
Hither by Thy help I'm come
And I hope by Thy good pleasure
Safely to arrive at home
Jesus sought me when a stranger
Wand'ring from the fold of God
He to rescue me from danger
Interposed His precious blood
Oh to grace how great a debtor
Daily I'm constrained to be
Let Thy goodness like a fetter
Bind my wand'ring heart to Thee
Prone to wander Lord I feel it
Prone to leave the God I love
Here's my heart Lord take and seal it
Seal it for Thy courts above
(Above) All else I adore Your name
Above all else tune my heart to sing Your praise
Above all else I adore Your name
Above all else tune my heart to sing Your praise

The highest praise
The loudest praise
To the name above every name
CCLI Song # 7029505
Robert Robinson | Shane Barnard
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For use solely with the SongSelect® Terms of Use. All rights reserved. www.ccli.com
CCLI License # 11078052
Preaching: Jim Upchurch
Leading Music: Jeremy Smith

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